Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Title Name

Originally wanting to use Phantasmagoria as the film title, as we felt it had a relevance to the film, and could appeal to an older audience who know what the word means, however there is numerous films that have used this name, and one is coming out later this year, which means we cannot use it.

[IMDB page for films titled Phantasmagoria]

Film sleeve for the 2010 Phantasmagoria

So our second choice was The Snared. As it's meaning is related to the noose, which then signifies a hanging, letting the audience know before that the film contains such scenes. It also is related to being trapped, which links with the state in which the character feels in his mind.
There has been no films with the title The Snared, so there is no worry of copyright issues.
[IMDB page for films titled The Snared]

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