Thursday, 29 April 2010

Production and Distribution Logos {DRAFT}

It is uncommon for a film to start without the production and distribution logos being shown before the film. These are a simple way of advertising of the company for the contribution of creating the movie.
Well known hollywood production companies such as Universal

In our own production, we came up with a production company and a distributor, in which we created our own logos. We tried various methods of creating these production titles, with programs such as Flash, iMovie, and finally LiveType, which we found was easiest to use and most effective.

The idea behind our logo was to make a simple text logo, to suit the genre and avoid a tacky look. For our production logo, we chose the name Jameth productions, a mix between names, which makes it less likely to be copyright. The text used is called Gouldy Old Style, which is a serif font, which signifies the genre of thriller. The animation on text is called Elastica, which is a simple shuffle of the text, zooming in and then back out in a jumbled order. The background is black, with an animation of a build up of shapes, which appears behind the text. We like the simplicity of this and feel it is effective for our production logo.

The distributor is called Twisted Media, which we decided upon from the rope being twisted, and could relate to the genre of Psychological thrillers having a twist. For this logo we have gone with just text. Editing the shadowing of each letter to be different than the one next to it, by changing opacity, scale and offset. We feel this creates a bit more of an interesting look to the text, and with the animation, looks as though it has actually been twisted. The animation is called Quick Twist, and it simply twists the text as it comes onto the screen. The colour scheme is black, red and white. The red signifies a danger to the film, and the black and white contrast it to make it stand out.

For a sound track to the logos, we have used two very short soundtracks, using the same instrument as the main sound track, it signifies the production companies fit the genre of the film. The sound also slowly decreases, to easily blend into the soundtrack of the film, which reduces the blunt cut from one soundtrack to another. The soundtrack was created in Garageband, using only Reflective Strings, with a variety of high pitched and low pitched single notes which signify the genre of the film.

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