Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Second Cut

So after the first lot of feedback, we set about making our changes to the production.
With re-shoots, deleting scenes and editing new sequences, we have produced our second cut.
What we still need to do before we finalise our production is:

  • Re-shoot the office scene
  • Create an advanced soundtrack, working on the one we have now to create some more tension.
  • Record the answer machine properly. 

Brief Feedback:
  • "Ending sequence helps it make more sense and looks better" - Emmie Bryett
  • "Good removal of burnt toast, leaves space for more important stuff" - Emma Graveling
  • "Change of the sound track to make it more varied" - Joel Colbourne
  • "Narrative is easier to follow" - Steph Meares
  • "Sound effects with wash in could help signify the dream" - Dave Burrowes 

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