Monday, 26 April 2010

First Rough Cut

After our first shoots, we edited the footage and put together our first cut.
There are areas in which we still have to film, and others that need to be improved.

We received feedback from our class and from the year 13 class.
However, with our class, we used a boom mike to record the sound unfortunately it wasn't plugged in properly so we cannot hear anything said. But we feel the feedback that was given from the year 13 was good enough for us to improve on.

Here is a video of the feedback given from the year 13's who watched our first cut.

Changes we've decided to make:

  • Delete the toast scene - we felt it was unnecessary, as the idea of foreshadowing was not really seen from the viewers, and we could do with the extra time to keep in the 2 minute limit.
  • Longer wash in effect to the scenes - to increase the idea of a dream
  • New final sequence. Fast takes and quick editing of varied angles of protagonist hanging - this is to create tension and to clearly signify the hanging.
  • Re-shoot the evicted scene, as it takes too long for him to exit and can be replaced by shorter takes and quicker editing.
  • Re-shooting the ending where he sits up in bed, as would be more effective from a straight angle so he sits up to camera, rather from a side view.

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