Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Props, Mise-en-Scene, SFX, Costume

Scene 1 - The Hanging
Location: Woods - Panorama Woods, Ilkley
Props: Rope, Torches, dog? Car.
Mise-en-Scene: Nothing much - just a wooded area.
Costume: Police outfits?
SFX: Key detail in editing to make it look like the man is hanging, without actually having to hang him.

Scene 2 - Burnt Toast
Location: Kitchen 
Props: Toaster + Burnt Toast. - Could do sequence of making breakfast therefore coverage shots taken of kettle and coffee making
Mise-en-Scene: Kitchen counter. Protagonist is not seen in this scene.
SFX: None. Sequence may need to be sped up if takes too long.

Scene 3 - Mothers Wake
Props: Photo Album, Bottle of Vodka, Sympathy Card.
Mise-en-Scene: Lounge
Costume: Formal wear.
SFX: None. 

Scene 4 - Fired
Props: Office box, Pens, Mug, Photo Frame.
Mise-en-Scene: Office - Desk, Computer, Big Chair.
Costume: Shirt, worn unsmart with sleeves rolled up and top button undone and untucked - to show his lack in care in appearance now he has been sacked.
SFX: None.

Scene 5 - Mugged
Props: None that can really be seen. Phone and wallet are handed over.
Mise-en-Scene: Dark alleyway, Streetlighting.
Costume: Hoodies and Trackies. Protagonist in casual wear.
SFX: Editing to make it look like he's been beaten up.

Scene 6 - Car Stolen
Props: Car
Mise-en-Scene: Quiet street.
Costume: Hoodie
SFX: Sugar glass which breaks easily.

Scene 7 - Evicted
Props: Suitcase
Mise-en-Scene: Stairway of a flat - other flat doors in view.
Costume: Casual, doesn't really care for his appearance.
SFX: None

Scene 8 - Wake Up
Props: None.
Mise-en-Scene: Bedroom- Bed, Duvet etc.
Costume: Topless - signify he's been asleep.
SFX: None.

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