Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Psychological Thriller Soundtracks:
For this genre, the soundtrack tends to be slow, which builds up the tension. Through use of low strings and some high pitched strings, or a rhythm that upsets the viewers heart rate, which causes them to feel tense.

Our soundtrack:
For developing our soundtrack, we have to have an idea in what we want it to sound like.
We have decided that is should start off slow, whilst the car pulls in, which builds up tension. To do this we shall have a sequence of one low note which is prolonged. Throughout the main parts of the filming the soundtrack will just build up the general tension, and the ending with the fast editing sequence, quick, high pitched notes shall play, to upset the heart rate of the viewer and create a dramatic atmosphere for the film, until he sits up in bed, when the soundtrack shall die down.

To create our soundtrack we used Garage Band. A piece of software in which you can just pre-recorded sounds on the software to create compositions.
Here is a screen shot of part of producing the soundtrack. We chose to do the whole piece in Reflective Strings, using different pitches to create tension.

In addition to our soundtrack, we added sounds from the Imovie Media library over the sections of the protagonist hanging.
These were to emphasise the thrilling scene of the body hanging. Particular sounds we included were footsteps, heartbeat, clock ticking and there is one where in the actual shooting of the scene a police siren could be heard in the background.

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