Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Podcast: Change in Idea

After getting audience feedback, Jamie and I decided to make some slight changes to our initial idea. Here we talk about what, and how we intend to change it.

We much prefere this idea as it can include much better framing of shots and create more verisimilitude in the hanging of the male character.

Exposistion will be clearer through the answermachine messages of the various characters - who aren't actually seen within the opening sequence.

Lighting may be the hardest to over come, with filming at evening time, if we manage to find location in which the sun is setting, it could go wrong in creating too much glare and the subject not being seen clearly, or at night where portable lights will be needed to light up the scene.

An alternative would be to use filters and change the darkness on the camcorder, and film during the day and use these techniques may make it easier, and much more effective with visability and cinematography.

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