Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Central protagonist : Male, around 26 years old, has an average job in which he works in an office, lives alone in a flat, has a girlfriend, and drives quite an old car - which signfies he isn't particually well off. He has reaccuring nightmares, in which he sees the future and things that are going to happen to him and his family. The film follows him trying to battle with his fate in which he sees in his dreams, showing a mental struggle to cope with the things that happen to him and trying to escape his destiny.

Possible people to act would be Jamie.
Jamie was our original choice, since he knew the ideas to the film so he will be able to act the way in which we want without any struggle of promting etc. But this faced problems which I would be the only one being able to use the camera and film.
We would also have to use alot of make-up and costume to make him look older.

Another alternative is to use my brother, who is 19, and would be more suitable to fit the older character look, as he can easily grow a beard and look more aged.
The only problem with using my brother is that he doesn't come back from University until the 19th, so filming would have to all be done in the second week of filming time. This could be over come by filming the scenes in which he isn't in in the first week, such as the burnt toast, and using someone else in the scene in which he is packing all his things into a box at his office, in which we already decided not to have his face in the scene, instead the shot is focused on the box and objects going into it.

In conclusion, we have decided to use my brother for the central protagonist, allowing both Jamie and I free to use cameras. The verisimiltude of the characters age would be more believable. The issue of my brother being avaliable to film can be over come with splitting the filming of scenes with him in and without him over the two weeks.

Other characters:

The landlord/lady.
-this person would be around the age of 50. They would only be in the scene where the central protagonist is coming down the stairs with their bags. With their clothing being quite dressed down, like sterotypical landlord/ladies.
The landlord in The Pursuit of Happyness

Unfortunately we could not find an actor that fitted this image, so instead we have decided to just have the landlord speak on the voice message, who would be an older person, but have him not actually be seen in the scene.

The Girlfriend.
-This character will be a brunette, which can avoid any common stereotypes associated with female characters. The scene in which she will be included would be at his mothers wake where the central protagonist is looking through a photo album of his mother. Her role here is to comfort him. She will be reasonably well dressed and middle class. She is concerned about her boyfriend, but over time gets annoyed with his moodswings and distant attitude throughout the film.

Emma Thompson in Dead Again

The Muggers.
- There will be 3 youths who mug the central protagonist down an alleyway. They will be hooded and will be common stereotypes of the way in which working class youths are. Although their faces are not seen, this will add to the way in which the social group of youths are percieved.

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