Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Developed Storyline

After getting audience feedback on anamatic, it was hard for the class to understand what was happening. So we decided to change our opening so that instead of being found in the house, he is hung in the woods.
This works better for creating verisimiltude of a person hanging, with use of branches and trees, and different camera angles. It also creates a better twist at the end of the story, as he attacks someone in the woods, but lets the person go, who then calls the police. As the police pulls up in their cars, he hangs himself in a tree, in hope that they will see him in time to cut him down before he is strangled, therefore breaking free from his final fate of death.

The woods makes a more creative location & mysterious atmosphere. Being filmed in the time around sunset, hopefully there is a location in which the sun can be seen setting which can create some good cinematography. To make sure there is enough light, car headlights could light the ground from the policemens cars, and search torches to light the body and trees.

Also with the character being older, the flashbacks we originally thought of suited a younger central protagonist, but needed changing to suit the older audience and character.
Here are our new flashback ideas :
  • Burnt toast (to foreshadow the bad events about to happen)
  •  Mothers wake (funeral would be harder to film, with location and extras, so instead the wake in the family house, in which the centeral protagonist is flicking through an old photo album, and girlfriend comes in to comfort him)
  • Gets fired (shots of  him packing up all his items in his office into a box)
  • Getting mugged (Ally way -claustrophobic space- 2-3 hooded youths attack him)
  • Car stolen/vandalised (shot through window? of someone breaking into his car)
  • Evicted from his flat (Shot of him coming down a flat stairs with suitcases)
- Expostion will be used through non digetic sound of answer machine messages, played over the top of the cuts of the body hanging, audio bridging over into the scene in which something related happens.
Messages will be from :
  • Boss calling -threatening to fire him if he doesn't come to work
  • Police - found his car, stolen and vandalised
  • Girlfriend - demanding he picks up
  • Landlord - reminding him his final rent deadline.

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