Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Genre Research - Psychological Thriller

Psychological Thriller
- Sub Genre of Thriller, in which some aspects contrast against the codes and conventions of thrillers.

Codes and Conventions of Psychological  Thrillers

  • Claustrophobic spaces
  • Dark lighting - Dark to light contrast
  • Foreshadowing
  • Quick Paced Cuts
  • Dramatic non digetic music 
  • Aspects of Propps theory - Hero + Helper
  • Ignites audiences mind
  • Focus on both plot and character. (Thriller tends to focus just on plot.)
  • Older characters -> Older audience (who seek more than just slasher horror.)

Research from [Wiki ] and from own research by watching films.

Themes surrounding the genre
  • Reality
  • Perceptions
  • Mind
  • Existence/purpose
  • Identity
  • Death 

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