Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My Initial Ideas for Film Openings

Here is a brief synopsis of my
three initial ideas:

  1. A non linear film, with the ending at the beginning, where a character has committed suicide and the sequence includes flashbacks to the events leading up to the suicide. 
  2. A horror movie in which the opening is before the actual film starts, which shows a girl being chased and murdered in the woods, which is then seen on the news at the beginning of the actual film story line. This kind of opening sets the mood for the rest of the film, and also gives exposition into what the murderer is like. 
  3. The plot of the film is about a character suffering from schizophrenia, who thinks their dead husband is still alive, and carries on as though they're still there, imagining their day to day life, such as conversations, and then leading to them falling out, and her attempting to kill him. This is then when she discovers he is already dead when she admits to the police what she's done.

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