Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Initial Pitch

My original idea for the opening two minutes of the film, which I presented to the class in hope that someone would like my idea and we work together and create a project.

My idea was to do the ending of the film, at the begining. I like films that opening with the ending, as it can allow the director to be more creative in the opening, as they don't have to explain the story as that is done later, and it can contain a dis-equilibrium which is a more exciting part to the film.

The genre in which this is typically used is psychological thrillers, or occasionally horrors. I have found other examples which are crime/drama. Films in which fit this non-linear structure are often created to  make the audience think about the story line and the characters, rather than it being an easy watching movie.
Here are some films where the opening is the ending:

So for my pitch, I described my main idea for the opening two minutes, of a non linear film. The opening scene would be of someone banging on a door, and then the camera pans down to the letter box. The person opens it, and looks through. - The audience never sees the person who is looking through the door, which creates narrative enigma, encouraging them to carry on watching the film to find out who that person is.
As the camera looks through the letter box, there are a pair of feet hanging. A zoom through the letter box, to symbolise the camera going into the house and leaving the person behind the door. A quick cut to a rope tied to a pipe on the ceiling, which signifies a person being hung. A quick flash effect and change scene to something that has happened in the past. A series of flashbacks then take place, which are all short, and leave somethings to the audiences imagination, which then makes them want to keep watching to find out. The final scene of the opening would be back to the persons body who is hanging, and a close up on his eyes, which then open, and it cuts to him suddenly awakening in bed.

The main audience for this would be 15-25 as my central protagonist would be male, around the age of 18, and it will deal with issues commonly associated with teenagers, such as school, relationships, drugs and alcohol. With issues such as these, he BBFC could be an 18, depending on how detailed I go into it, otherwise if there was only brief mentioning of drugs and alcohol it could be rated as a 15, providing there is no glamourisation of drug use.

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