Friday, 15 January 2010

Sweding a Film Opening

Possible films that I would like to swede:

- Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
- The Strangers
- Forest Gump
- Jaws
- Twlight

My Choice: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.
I've chosen Harry Potter as it is a film with a story line including magic and follows the life of a young boy who is taken from the 'muggle world' into the exciting world of Hogwarts. The original story itself has some comedy aspects, but with the ability to enhance these into a sweded version would produce quite a good swede version. In my 30second pitch I will put forward the idea of sweding the main parts of Harry Potter, including scenes such as the sorting hat and Quiditch. The location is quite easy as majority can be done at school, for hogwarts, and at home for the common room etc.
A good reason to swede Harry Potter is that it is a well known film, so there is a large audience who will get the prefered reading to our version.

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