Monday, 25 January 2010

Creating the Swede

After all the 30 second presentations from the class, Emma, Joel, Jamie, Emmie, Melissa and I became a group and decieded to use my idea of sweding Harry Potter.
In our first lesson we decieded who would be which character(s) and when we will have time to film.
Fortunately we had a double lesson that day and could start straight away.
Our first scene we filmed was the Quiditch, in which we borrowed brooms from the cleaning cupboard and went out onto the courts with some volunteers, and took about 5-10 minutes to finish filming. Then we went down to the station with a trolley from tesco, do film platform 9&3/4s, where we tried out match on action for the first time.
In our own time, we filmed the majority of the film, such as the devils snare and Hagrid scenes, in which we tried to do as much filming as possible; although some time was spent watching Harry Potter, getting inspiraton our version.

By friday we had finished as much as we could do with filming, and started to edit.
With not much time, and the general style of sweding, not much editing had to be done apart from cutting the right places, and some effects.

What I've learnt from this task is that alot of planning needs to go into creating a production, and fortunately this task is meant to be a rough version of a film, but for the actual coursework production, I will spend a lot more time on deciding shot types and angles, planning locations and props.

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  1. good, though do make sure your blog is consistently illustrated/multimedia